The Barbacani Restaurant is located in the Calle del Paradiso in the Castello district at the end of the Salizada San Lio. It is a very particular street due to the presence of the barbicans, elementary shelves that come out of the wall structure, which are the beams of the attic of the first floor that continue from the wall of the street to allow the houses of the upper floors to be wider than the shops on the floor land. The projections of the protrusions were definitively fixed by a sample barbican so that all the protrusions should not have exceeded the measurements of the given sample.

At the head of the street there is a particular fourteenth-century arch, in Gothic style, in Istrian stone, which joins the houses from one side to the other, with the insignia of the owners of the houses, Foscari and Mocenigo, in the middle the Blessing Madonna and alongside a kneeling devotee. The restaurant is located just below this spectacular barbican.